Stowabike 20″ Folding City V2
with Shimano Gears

A few years ago I was visiting my cousin, who happened to live in the downtown core of a major city in one of the tiniest apartments that might be considered fit for human habitation. He didn’t have room for much, but one thing he did have was a bicycle he kept hung on the wall. It wasn’t a bad solution, but it still tended to get in the way and I just kept thinking – there must be a better option. My cousin could really have used a foldable bike, and the Stowabike V2 would have been ideal for his purposes.

This bike is ideal for getting around an urban setting and it’s available at a price that won’t break most budgets – this one normally retails for under $400. While I don’t live in a small little apartment like my cousin did all those years ago, I could see some real value to having a bike like this. It’s not an off-road vehicle at all, but it’s a great choice if you do most of your riding in an urban setting.

6 Speeds for Those City Hills

A foldable bike isn’t designed for the rugged mountain pass that you’d find host to a top quality mountain bike, but it still may have to face some hills, depending upon the urban environment you live in. When you do come across a hill in an urban setting it can be a real challenge if you’re riding on a bike with no gears to shift. Fortunately this Stowabike model has you covered. It doesn’t have the 21 speeds you find on a lot of mountain bikes, but it does have 6 speeds to choose from, which is normally adequate in an urban environment. The gear shifting system is made by Shimano, which is one of the top quality names among gear manufacturers.

Reliable Strength of Steel

If you’re like me you may be concerned about whether or not a foldable bike is strong enough to hold you. That’s understandable; it was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I started looking at foldable bikes. After a bit of research, though, I soon realized that my concerns were unfounded. This bike has a solid steel frame which is designed to withstand the rigors of some hard-core urban riding. Sure, a lot of bikes these days are made out of aluminum, which can be just as strong as steel, but using steel as the construction material for this bike is probably why they were able to keep the price under $400.

A Little Bit of Spring Comfort

Many people that use foldable bikes use them as their main form of transportation in a city’s downtown core. That means they’re bound to be on the bike for at least a couple hours a day and they’ll obviously want to be as comfortable as possible during that time. You need a nice comfy seat, and this bike doesn’t cut corners in that area. The seat is designed with a nice wide saddle and it has springs located underneath the saddle to absorb the shock of the road. One of the biggest criticisms I have with mountain bikes is that the seats are normally quite uncomfortable, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised to find out that this bike had such a comfortable seat.

Extra Storage

When you take a mountain bike for a trip down a mountain trail you’re not too worried about where you might be storing things, but as we’ve already alluded to above, a foldable bike like this 20″ Folding City V2 is meant to be used as more of a commuter vehicle – that means you need some storage capacity. Fortunately, this bike has an excellent rear rack that’s designed to handle a decent sized payload. You’ll still have to tie things down, but you can easily store a couple of bags there if you’re out doing a little grocery shopping.

Folding Knocks It Out Of Alignment

There are probably few bikes that you might consider perfect and those probably cost well over $1000. You have to keep that in mind when you’re purchasing a more economical model like this. It’s still great value for the money, but it has its problems. Probably one of the biggest complaints the customers have about this bike is that it’s sometimes difficult to realign the parts once you unfold it after it’s been stored away for a while. One thing in particular that customers complained about was that the brakes can become misaligned; they also mention that the handlebars can be difficult to adjust afterwards.

With a little work you can get things back together properly, but it can be a bit time-consuming. That’s a little disappointing as the whole reason you buy a folding bike is for convenience, and there are other models on the market that are designed to be put together in 10 to 15 seconds.

A Good Option for City Riding

The Stowabike 20″ V2 is a good option if you’re short on room, but you still need a bike for getting around town. With a steel frame and nicely padded seat you are in for a comfortable and reliable ride. It also features a 6-speed Shimano gear shifter for when those pesky hills get in your way. It does have a couple of problems, but at a price under $400 it’s definitely worth strongly considering.

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