Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Bike with Rear Rack

I love to ride and I’m always trying to convince my wife to join me, but she’s just not into the whole mountain bike thing like I am. It’s not that riding alone isn’t enjoyable – it’s just that it would be better with some company. When I recently came across the Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid I had a feeling that it might be the bike to convince my wife to join me on my rides. After showing it to her it seems I may have been right – she loves it!

Perhaps the best thing about this bike is that it won’t break your budget, as it retails for under $250. That’s a very reasonable price to pay for a quality bike, and this model appears to be exactly that. Of course, price can’t be the only consideration – a bike also has to fit the needs of the individual purchasing it. If you’re looking for a comfortable bike that’s built for commuting around town then this is a great choice.

Shift into Gear

When you’re riding in an urban environment you don’t need the same kind of shifting ability that you find on most mountain bikes, but there are plenty of occasions where you need to adjust to the road conditions ahead of you. This is especially true if you live in an area where there are a lot of hills. I know in our town there are plenty of parkways to ride on and these are renowned for their constantly-changing terrain.

This hybrid bike by Schwinn features a 7-speed shifter that provides the right amount of gear shifting capability for an urban environment. It’s always great going downhill, but it’s nice to know you can shift gears when you have to go back up; inevitably, one way or the other you’re going to have to climb that hill.

Comfort and Style

I don’t care what anyone says, style does matter and this bike has style. I love old 1940s and 1950s era movies and this bike looks like it would fit right in any one of those films. It’s got a classic look that never goes out of style and it’s built for comfort. The way it’s designed, you’ll always be in an upright position, which encourages good posture and will help to avoid any back injuries.

Comfort isn’t just about staying upright, though, it’s also about what’s underneath you, and this bike does well in that category as well. The seat has built-in springs that act as shock absorbers when you go over rough patches, ensuring you’ll always be comfortable as you cruise around town. This is one feature that my wife really liked, as she finds the seat on her current mountain bike very uncomfortable.

Convenience and Protection

If you’re buying a bike for the purpose of commuting, or even just for casual rides to the market on a weekend, it’s a great bonus if it also comes with some storage space. The Schwinn Wayfare has an excellent rear rack specifically designed for this purpose. It’s a good size and has more than enough room to accommodate a bag or two.

Another feature that’s really important when you’re riding around town is a little protection from the potential wet conditions on the road ahead of you. This bike has both front and rear fenders that will catch most of the mud and dirt kicked up as you ride along the road. That means you have a better chance of getting to your destination with your clothes still clean!

Where It Falls Short

While this is a great bike for the money, it does have a couple of reoccurring issues that seem to be a problem for some customers. For one thing, some people complained that the shifting isn’t always the smoothest, which is certainly a little disappointing. You actually shift gears by twisting the handles, which isn’t the most intuitive way to shift gears. As I’ve already mentioned you don’t have to do as much shifting in an urban environment, but it’s still reassuring to know that you have that capability when needed, so to me this was a big concern.

The other issue that caused me some concern with this bike is that it generally doesn’t ship completely assembled – that can be a little frustrating. If you’re not comfortable putting a bike together yourself you may want to get in touch with a family member that’s mechanically inclined, or you’ll have to take it to your local bike shop for some help. This probably wouldn’t be enough to deter me from buying the bike, but it may deter some people.

A Great Urban Ride

Apart from a couple of issues, which we touched on above, this really is a great bike. It’s designed for comfort and it’s designed for convenience. I love the retro style of the bike, and it’s a great value at under $250. This one is a great choice for ladies that do most of their riding in an urban environment.

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