Schwinn 20-Inch Loop
with Low Stand Over Frame

The Schwinn 20-Inch Loop is ideal if you live in an urban environment that has more than its fair share of hills. I remember as a kid riding my bike up a huge hill that led to our subdivision – more often than not I gave up and walked the bike up the hill. The reason I gave up on riding the bike up the hill was that I didn’t have any gears and the hill was simply too steep for my little legs to manage without them. That’s not a problem with this bike; it has the tools to help you up those tough hills.

I had in my mind for years that foldable bikes were probably very expensive, but I’d never really looked into it. It turns out this model is very reasonably priced at under $300. The money you save on the purchase of this bike can be well spent elsewhere. You probably won’t want to rush out and hit any rocky trails with this bike, but it’s a great choice for some city riding.

The Right Frame for Everyone

One of the most unique features of this bike is that it has a low looped frame that’s designed with the expressed purpose of making it easy for anyone to saddle up and go for a ride. Standard bike frames normally have an extra bar across the middle which you have to climb over, but this bike completely eliminates that feature. It’s probably one of the easiest bikes to mount you’re likely to come across, which makes it a great choice for both men and women. It may look a little different from what you’re used to, but it’s a unique design that works.

Traditional Pull Brakes

There’s probably no item more important on your bike than the brakes – you certainly don’t want to get caught on a hill with brakes that don’t work properly. These days there are all kinds of options when it comes to braking power on a bike, but there’s still something to be said for the traditional pull brakes that most people grew up with. These types of brakes use a pulley system that has a cable which closes a pair of pads on your rim in order to stop the bike. It’s an effective way of stopping a bike in an urban environment where your main concern is a little bit of grit from the road and a few puddles along the way. With this model Schwinn has chosen to stick with this tried-and-true braking system, and that’s not a bad thing.

They’ve Thought of the Little Details

When you’re using a bike as a commuting vehicle there are a couple of items that you want to make sure are part of its equipment. First of all, you need something to protect you from the elements if you plan on riding your bike in more than just fair weather. This folding bike by Schwinn has both front and rear fenders to protect you from the elements. When I was six-years old I loved the idea of jumping in puddles and I wasn’t too concerned about how much of a mess it would make of my clothing. But these days I’m a little more particular, and a good set of fenders is a great way to fend off the puddles.

The other thing that you should definitely look for if you’re using a bike for commuting purposes is its potential for storage. This bike comes equipped with a nice rear rack that can hold at least a couple of items with ease. Backpacks are great, but they can be a little cumbersome and a rear rack is a much more practical way of transporting items on your bike.

They’ve Missed A Few Things

There are a couple of things about this bike which I find a little disappointing. Probably the biggest issue is the fact that they don’t provide any sort of clasp to hold the bike together when it’s folded. The whole idea of having a folding bike is that you can easily fit it into a tight space, or even take it with you on a bus or train. Unfortunately, if you plan on taking this bike on the train you’ll have to create some sort of clasp yourself or things will get a little awkward.

While most customers love this bike, there are a few that have complained about the brakes being out of alignment. Apparently, it has a tendency for the pads to rub against the rim when you’re riding and it’s very difficult to adjust them so that it doesn’t. Another common complaint is that the seat is not comfortable and you may want to replace it shortly after you purchase the bike.

The Right Choice for Some

After careful consideration I’d have to give the Schwinn 20-Inch Loop folding bike a tentative endorsement. Some customers have complained about mechanical issues, but they seem to be in the minority and most people love this bike. It will never replace a mountain bike or a racing bike, but these are specialty bikes designed for a specific purpose. If you’re looking for an all-purpose bike that will get you around town just fine this isn’t a bad choice at all.

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