Mobo Shift Three-Wheeled Cruiser
with Adjustable Back

I remember as a young child having an awesome go-cart with two sturdy wheels at the back and a single wheel up front. I loved that little go-cart, and the Mobo Shift bears an uncanny resemblance to that little cruising vehicle of my past – the big difference being that the go-cart had a steering wheel and was also a heck of a lot smaller. I may be a lot older, and supposedly more mature, but I still love the idea of cruising down the street on a low-profile, three-wheeled vehicle.

We’ve already looked at another three-wheeled bicycle by Mobo, but this model is a little more advanced. Its parts are made from better quality material, and it has a couple of extra features. They haven’t reinvented the wheel with this bike, but they’ve made some subtle improvements that really work. It also means that the price tag is little higher at just under $600.

Dual Steering

Video games are a lot different today than they were when I was young and joysticks were the only form of controllers that anybody used with their video games. This bike isn’t a video game, of course, but you do steer it with a pair of joysticks, and it looks like just as much fun as those old video games were. The great thing about using two joysticks instead of handlebars to steer with is that you get to experience something entirely new. In our adult lives it’s not often that we get to try something that’s entirely new, and that’s something that I find to be an intriguing proposition.

A Seat for Anybody

All normal bikes have some sort of adjustable bar for the seat, and while this low-profile bike doesn’t have a seat pole in the traditional sense, it still has a seat, and this one is adjustable as well. In fact, it has six different angles settings that you can choose from to make sure it’s right for you. That kind of accommodation is probably better than you’ll get on most standard bicycles. I must admit I had assumed that this type of bicycle would have a seat that didn’t really move, so this was a welcome surprise.

Low Rider

If you’re familiar with that old 70’s song “Low Rider” you’ll understand why this song always pops in my head when I see one of these bikes. They’re low and close to the ground, which makes for a nice, safe ride and a very low probability of ever falling off one – that is, unless you’re trying to do some burnouts! Not everybody’s comfortable with their own level of dexterity and the added comfort of knowing you have an extra wheel on a bike that’s low to the ground may be just the impetus you need to get out riding again. If that’s not cool enough for you, how about the fact that you can actually ride this bike in reverse? There aren’t too many bikes on the market that can do that!

A Frame for All Heights

Adults, of course, come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s why we have different bikes for different people, but this three-wheeled model by Mobo is designed to work just as well for someone that’s 5’2” as it does for someone that’s 6’2”. It has a fully-adjustable central bar that slides up and down, with a central locking mechanism to adjust it to your height. With this feature you and your wife can take turns using the same bike – or you can buy one for each of you.

The Flag’s Not for Show

When you’re riding a bike that’s so low to the ground, you may not be the most visible item on the road; that may be a concern for some people. Fortunately, the manufacturers of this bike have thought of that sort of problem and come up with a simple solution – it has a three-foot safety flag that makes you highly visible to the traffic around you. According to the manufacturer, this flag also helps to add stability to the bike.

Speed Concerns

You’ll never find a product that satisfies everyone and the Mobo Shift is no different. One of the most common complaints that customers make about this bike is that they simply can’t move too fast on it. That doesn’t really surprise me, though, and I wonder if this sort of complaint is more of a case of people being unrealistic with their expectations. Of course, you’re never going to get up to 30 miles an hour on a low-profile bike that’s built so close to the ground, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great exercise with one of these.

A Potentially Fun and Interesting Ride

I probably wouldn’t purchase the Mobo Shift as my primary bicycle, but I definitely would consider having one of these in my garage as an alternate form of exercise and fun. In contrast to the complaints about speed I mentioned above, I’ve seen people cruising along on these bikes at a pretty decent clip. It’s definitely something that I’ve got on my bucket list, anyway.

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