Merax Finiss
26″ Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

The first time I had the opportunity to ride a mountain bike I was absolutely thrilled – up until that time I’d been used to riding 12-speed touring bikes meant exclusively for street riding. The mountain bike opened up a whole new world with the ability to take my riding to much more difficult terrain. Sure, as a young kid I’d had a BMX, but this didn’t give me the ability to shift gears and it just wasn’t the same experience. A mountain bike combines some of the best aspects of a street bike with a BMX-style bike, and lets you truly explore all that nature has to offer.

The Merax Finiss 26″ mountain bike is a great choice if you’re trying to make the transition from street riding to trail riding yourself. This bike is ideal for handling the street and some light trail riding – it isn’t built for the toughest of trails, but it will do a great job on the cross-country dirt trails. It’s priced just right, as well, at under $300.

Hard Tail Comfort

When you’re riding on the street you don’t really need a rear suspension, in fact it’s better to have a bike that’s much more rigid for handling the pavement. The problem with a completely rigid bike is that it doesn’t handle trails very well and that’s why a hard tail bike with a good front suspension is a perfect compromise. That’s exactly what you get with this bike from Merax. The rear of the bike does not have a suspension, hence the term hard tail, but the front of the bike has an 80 mm suspension fork that makes it ideal for some fun trail riding.

With a bike like this you don’t really want to hit the more treacherous mountain trails with pathways full of rocks, but if you’re taking on some basic dirt trails with a few little hilly spots it’s ideal. I live in an area with a nice scenic canal trail which combines some paved areas with some off-road areas – it’s nothing too challenging, but it does require a decent bike to handle the off-road sections. It’s for this type of trail that the Finiss 26″ is best suited.

Aluminum Reliability

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of this bike is that it has a heat-treated aluminum frame. If you head on down to your local department store I’d be willing to bet you won’t find an aluminum-framed mountain bike for under $300, so this is a great deal. Aluminum is much more lightweight than your traditional steel bike, but it’s still very sturdy. That makes this bike tough enough to handle the trails, but light enough to pick up and carry if you come across a spot that you just can’t navigate on wheels.

Shimano Gear Shifting

What makes mountain biking fun and challenging is the unpredictability of the terrain you’ll come across; that’s why you need to find a bike that can quickly shift gears to adjust to whatever nature’s throwing at you. This bike is ideal for shifting through difficult terrain. It has a Shimano 21-speed derailleur for handling some challenging off-road obstacles – Shimano is one of the most reliable names when it comes to shifting gears.

The first mountain bike I ever owned was an 18-speed mountain bike and it did a decent job of handling most basic trails, but when I ran into more difficult terrain it just didn’t shift quickly enough. The Merax Finiss has trigger shifters to quickly shift between those gears, enabling you to take advantage of the versatility of its 21 gears whenever you need it. You’d be surprised at how much extra you can get out of a bike with those three extra gears.

Suspect Workmanship

The biggest issue that most customers have with this bike is that some of the parts are not of the best quality. The seat, in particular, is certainly not the best feature of this bike; it can sometimes be difficult to keep it secure, which means after bumpy rides you may need to adjust it before heading out again – that’s a bit annoying to say the least. The other main issue that people had with this bike was that parts of the gear shifting mechanism are made of plastic, which is obviously not the most durable material to use for bike parts, and it can lead to some issues.

It’s important to keep in mind that any criticism of this bike must be tempered with the understanding that it’s extremely reasonably priced. To find a bike with an aluminum frame, Shimano derailleurs, and disc brakes is a major coup for a bike under $300. You’re not going to get the quality you find on a bike that costs in the thousands, but this bike is a nice compromise between affordability and quality.

A Great Trail/Street Combo Bike

Overall, the Merax Finiss 26″ mountain bike is a great choice for a rider just getting started on their mountain bike adventure. The hard tail construction of the frame makes it ideal for street or trail riding and the lightweight aluminum materials make it easy to transport. It’s got the type of features you’d expect to find on a much more expensive bike, so if you’re looking for great value for money this is a good choice.

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