Hollandia Opa Dutch Cruiser
with 28-Inch Rims

There are some bikes built for speed and others built for a leisurely ride along a beautiful canal – the Hollandia Opa falls firmly in the latter category. If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish thing of beauty this is definitely not the bike you’re looking for. But if you’re more concerned about a comfortable ride with some great storage potential then this is a solid choice. You may turn some heads when you’re riding the Opa in your neighborhood, but it’s likely to be because of the unique look of this bike more than anything else.

Practicality and affordability aren’t two words that immediately come to mind when you’re looking for a bike, but these are probably the two most appropriate words when it comes to this bike. It’s very reasonably priced at under $300 and it’s a quality machine that should give you years of fine service.

Lots of Storage

The minute you lay eyes on this bike you’ll know that its main purpose is to be a practical and comfortable ride that can be used as a great commuter as well. It comes equipped with both a front and rear rack for extra storage, which is unusual even in this category of bikes. There are plenty of bikes with rear storage racks, but not very many with front ones; that extra bit of storage space can really come in handy if you’re out for a trip to the store. It might be a bit of a challenge maintaining your balance, but I’m sure that’s something you’d get used to with time.

Bike of Steel

Most of us are familiar with the Man of Steel, and he’s a character that we always associate with strength. This bike may not help you leap tall buildings, but it is made of a strong steel construction that’s built to handle a difficult ride. With this bike you won’t have to worry about a cheap frame falling apart within a year or two of purchase, and that longevity is a nice selling point. Sure, as it is steel you will still have to protect it from the elements somewhat, but with a little bit of care and maintenance this bike will last you a long time.

Keep Your Clothes Clean

I don’t know how many times I’ve come close to catching my pant leg in the chain of my mountain bike, only to pull it out at the last second. If I’d had the fully-enclosed chain guard that comes with the Hollandia Opa I’d never have had such a problem. There are plenty of bikes with partial chain guards, but it’s very rare to come across one with a guard that completely encloses the chain, preventing it from coming in contact with your clothing. This bike also has front and rear fenders to give your clothing an extra bit of protection from the elements.

Nice Rims

The average bicycle has rims that are approximately 26 inches – that’s not bad, but you’ll still have to pedal a lot faster than someone with 29-inch rims to cover the same distance. If you don’t mind the exercise that’s great, although I’d personally rather have some larger rims and a bit of an advantage over those I’m riding with. This bike doesn’t quite have 29-inch rims, but it does have a great set of 28-inch rims, which is a pretty good compromise.

Some Key Safety Features

If you’re using your bike as a commuter vehicle it’s a good idea to pick one that will keep you safe on the road at all times. This Dutch cruising bike is well-equipped to make you as safe and visible on the road as possible. It has a front headlight powered by your own pedaling to light your way, and it comes with a bell to alert people of your imminent presence. These types of items may lack the cool factor you’ll find on mountain and road bikes, but they’re very practical items which can help to keep you safe.

Problems to Consider

This bike has an issue that several customers have complained about. While it’s nice that it has both front and rear fenders and a chain guard to protect your clothing, what’s not nice is the material they’re made of. They’re actually made of a plastic/vinyl material that doesn’t seem to stand up very well to scrutiny. In fact, many customers have complained that they bend easily and end up rubbing against the tires. If this is the case it’s a big concern, as I see these parts as a major selling feature of this bike.

Having Second Thoughts

When you first take a look at this bike it looks like an extremely durable product, but I was definitely concerned with the complaints about the fenders and chain guard. This bike would be a lot better if these parts were made of either a stronger plastic or some type of metal. It still seems to be a very practical bike and I love the front and rear storage, but I’d certainly have some second thoughts based on what I’ve heard about the fenders and chain guard.

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