Dahon Mariner D7
with Quick Folding Mechanism

There’s nothing quite like a nice boat ride on a warm summer’s day while you’re enjoying a week off at the cottage, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to hit the shore once in a while. If you enjoy bike riding as much as you do boating, then the Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike is a great way to bring two of your favorite pastimes together. This bike is specifically designed for the purpose of folding and storing easily on a boat – of course, you can store it just as easily in any small area.

If you’re considering a folding bike as the ideal on-land recreational vehicle to accompany you on your boating excursions, then this one really is the perfect solution. What makes this ideal for boats is that its frame is rust resistant. It’s a boater’s and biker’s dream, but you will have to pay a premium for this bike as it retails for around $600.

Water Is Not an Issue

This folding bike by Dahon features a strong aluminum frame that’s built to withstand the elements. Let’s face it, when you’re looking for a bike that can be easily stored on a boat you have to be a little concerned about the potential for it to get a little wet. Aluminum is much more water resistant than traditional steel bike frames; as well, they’ve actually treated this bike to withstand the elements even more effectively. It’s not entirely rustproof, but as long as you do your own due diligence in removing excessive moisture from the bike on a consistent basis, you’ll probably never have to worry about this bike rusting.

A Lightweight Travel Companion

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to purchase this bike as a land companion for your boat trips, or if you live in a downtown apartment and you’re looking for a bike that you can stow away in a small space when it’s not being used – this bike will easily serve either purpose and you’ll be doing it in style. If you decide you want to hop on a bus while you’re out for a bike ride, you don’t have to worry about this bike being too cumbersome, as it weighs in at just 26 pounds. With a lightweight bike like this, your options really do open up and you can enjoy different areas of town by folding it up and hopping on a train.

Don’t Forget the Gears

One of the biggest complaints that some people have about folding bikes is their lack of gears. Even if you’re just riding around the city streets there’s still a good chance you’re going to encounter the odd hill, and when you do it’s nice to know that you can shift gears. This bike is equipped with a custom Dahon Neos derailleur with 7 gears to shift through to make sure that hills aren’t a problem at all. That’s a big improvement over a lot of other folding bikes, which either have no gears at all or are limited to three basic gears for making minor adjustments.

Not the Best Welds

A reoccurring complaint that some customers have mentioned about this bike is that the welds on the hinges where the bike folds aren’t of the highest quality. That’s a serious problem, as the folding ability of this bike is its primary selling feature. If you have an improper weld there’s a good chance the bike won’t fold, or in extreme circumstances, may not fit back together properly when you want to unfold it. It’s important to realize though that most customers are quite satisfied with this bike and did not experience this type of problem.

Another problem that some customers complained about with the Mariner D7 is that the tires don’t always maintain their inflation. If you do a lot of riding you’re bound to have to put some air in the tires from time to time, but you wouldn’t expect it to be a frequent concern. Unfortunately, for some customers it seems to be enough of a problem that they felt the need to comment on it. Leaky tire tubes are certainly not something I’m looking for on a bike.

Ready to Hit the Shore

While the potential problems with hinges and leaky tires are something to be concerned about, these issues only seemed to be a problem for a limited number of customers – the overwhelming majority were quite pleased with this bike. Personally, I’m actually pretty impressed with the Dahon Mariner D7. Even if you aren’t an avid boater this is still a nice lightweight bike that folds up quickly and effectively resists rust. These are all important qualities that I’m looking for in a bike and, overall, I think this bike makes the grade.

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