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Once I got started looking into buying a new bike for myself I began to see the value in looking at all different types of bikes – quite simply, it’s become a lot of fun. We’ve all got our own particular tastes and our own particular needs, but the one thing we all have in common is our love of a good bike ride. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you’re riding as long as you get out there and ride. It’s one of the best forms of exercise and one of the best ways to bring the family together on a weekend.

I’m just as happy to be out there riding with my wife, with the kids, or with a great group of friends – all I care about is having the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while pushing some pedals as often as possible. I don’t think our site would be complete without looking at comfort and cruiser bikes.

My Top 10 Picks

It’s surprising how much variety there is in this category of bikes. Perhaps the only thing that some bikes that I’ve slotted in the comforting cruiser category have in common is that they make for a comfortable ride. This category has everything from old-fashioned bikes with baskets to three-wheel trikes. Here is a look at my top 10 picks in the comfort and cruiser category.

Best Ladies Beach Cruiser

Firmstrong Urban Lady Bicycle

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When I first laid eyes on the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser the first thing that came to mind was that this bike looks like it was made to ride along a beautiful beach road at sunset; that may explain why it’s got the word “Beach” in its name. I love the handlebars on this bike as they almost scream at you “We’re built for comfort”. Riding down the beach on this machine may be a great way to get a little exercise, but it will probably feel more like a nice, leisurely day in the sun with very few cares on your mind.

The Wheels You Need

Riding your bike on the beach is a unique proposition that requires a set of tires with a decent grip on them, and this model by Firmstrong is designed with exactly that in mind. It has a nice pair of durable balloon tires, with an excellent tread depth on them that will grip nicely on any sandy material. You’ll be just as comfortable riding this bike on the sand as you are riding it on the pavement, and while it may be fun riding on that bike path along the shore nothing beats actually hitting the beach itself.

Saddled up for Comfort

While it’s nice to have a comfortable ride when you’re riding on pavement, it’s even more important when you decide to take your ride off-road. Riding on the beach certainly isn’t like hitting the mountain trail, but it can still make for a bumpy ride, and you need a seat that’s going to protect you from the ruts along the way. This bike comes equipped with an extra- cushioned seat with a large base that can comfortably handle your body, and it has dual springs for a little added reassurance.

Best Three Wheeled Cruiser Bike

Mobo Triton Ultimate

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Some bikes are just plain fun and the Mobo Triton Ultimate has to be firmly placed in the fun category. This really is a neat bike – unlike any other you’ve probably seen before, but definitely a great bike for a little exercise. Personally, I’ve never had the opportunity to ride a three-wheeled bicycle before, but this low profile cruiser sure looks like something I’d like to give a go. I can’t see it being the ultimate machine for speed, but there’s no doubt you’ll be the center of attention in your neighborhood as you cruise around on this baby.

Innovative Steering

If you’re looking for the handlebars on the Mobo three-wheeled bicycle you’ll have to look pretty hard as there simply aren’t any. Instead, you steer this bike with a pair of steering stick shifts which control each rear wheel individually. It looks like it would take some getting used to – in fact you might have to completely re-learn how to ride a bike. It’s not often as an adult that you get to try something new like this and that’s what I found really attractive about this ride – to be able to experience something new again. Just because we get older it doesn’t mean we have to stop experiencing new things, right?

Recumbent Comfort

This bike has more going for it than simply being a lot of fun; it also has a lot of potential health benefits. The unique steering system we mentioned above will help you work your cardiovascular system, but what I’m actually talking about is the reduction in stress on your shoulders and arms from riding a bike like this. You’ll still get a great workout but your arms and shoulders will be more relaxed from sitting in a more natural position, which should mean you’ll be able to ride for hours. >> Full Review

Best Women’s Comfort 21-Speed

Schwinn Miramar Women Bike

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If you’re looking for a women’s bike that’s not only designed for comfort but can also keep up with the fast pace, then the Schwinn Miramar comfort bike has to be considered a clear winner. You might think that a bike that’s billed for comfort and speed would look a little awkward, but this bike looks like it can handle either purpose just fine; it’s also a great looking bike, as well. There doesn’t have to be a separation between comfort and speed, and this bike by Schwinn clearly proves that.

Speed’s Not a Problem

There aren’t too many women’s comfort bikes that have any kind of gear-shifting capability, let alone 21 speeds to shift through. The Miramar is certainly unique in this regard, so if you’re looking for a bike that can keep up with your friends who like a quick pace, without sacrificing comfort, this bike is the one you’re looking for. It comes equipped with an SRAM 21-speed shifting system with quick-reaction gear changes that will help you keep up with those fast-moving friends. SRAM is one of the top four manufacturers of gears in the bike industry, so you know you can rely on their quality workmanship.

Lots of Padding

When it comes to the comfort of your ride nothing is more important than the saddle underneath you; you can rest assured that this bike’s manufacturers have your comfort in mind. It’s not only well-padded, but it’s also got a nice wide base for extra comfort. There’s nothing I hate more than a skinny saddle that’s just not designed as a comfortable seat. That’s not a concern on this bike , and you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort for speed at all.

Best Steel Framed Cruiser

Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser

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The sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch is another great choice in the beach cruiser category. This bike has the same type of comfortable handlebars designed for relaxed riding that we discovered on the model above, and it’s also a great-looking ride. Who says that comfort and style can’t come in one package? Perhaps one of the best compliments that you can pay a bike manufacturer is that people purchase your product, and this is an extremely popular model with hundreds of reviews on Amazon.

Kick It into Gear When Needed

When you think about a beach cruiser bike you’re not really thinking about speed, you’re thinking more about comfort and style, but this bike won’t steer you wrong if you have to switch those gears. It comes equipped with a basic Shimano internal 3-speed shifter. You’re not likely to break any land speed records for bike riding, but it’s comforting to know you can shift gears when the going gets a little tough. It’s also nice to know that to do so, you are counting on the reliable Shimano name.

A Little Protection

It can be a lot of fun riding your bike down the beach, but it also can get a little messy at times. If you’re concerned about keeping those beach clothes clean then this bike has your back. It comes equipped with a stylish chain guard that’s not overstated, but still does a great job of protecting your clothing. A chain guard is great, but just for a little added protection from the elements, the bike also comes with both front and rear fenders. You can have some fun and stay clean at the same time.

Best Ladies Fun Travel Cruiser

Huffy Bicycle Company Ladies Number 26655 Deluxe

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If there’s one bike in the ladies category that takes the prize for being fun, it has to be the Huffy 26655 Deluxe Cruiser. This bike absolutely looks like it was designed for a leisurely ride in the countryside. It may be as close as a bike comes to a work of art and that’s no exaggeration. It comes equipped with an awesome hot pink paint job and it even has some extra stylish design points that make it stand out in a crowd. The manufacturers of this one didn’t forget about the practical aspects either, as it’s got some great features as well.

Front and Rear Storage

As you hit the open road for a nice leisurely Sunday ride you may want to stop off at the market to pick up a couple of items along the way and this bike is well-equipped for that sort of adventure. It has both a rear rack and a cute front basket that’s great for putting some fresh eggs in on the ride home. The rear rack is a nice size and a good place to store some larger items. When you go for a bike ride you never know what you might come across, and it’s nice to have these storage features for those just-in-case items.

A Comfortable Ride

I’ve always considered comfort an important factor when looking at purchasing a bike, and this lady’s cruiser by Huffy is well-equipped in that department as well. It has a nice, wide padded seat that’s uniquely contoured and designed specifically with a woman’s body shape in mind. It’s also equipped with a nice set of springs underneath for added comfort. This isn’t the type of bike that you’ll be doing a lot of standing up on, so you’ll definitely appreciate the comfortable seat as you ride through the countryside.

Best Dutch Cruiser Bike

Hollandia Opa Dutch

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If there is one bike on this list that I think defines fun and practicality all in one package, then it’s got to be the Hollandia Opa Dutch Cruiser. This bike is designed for you to cruise around town comfortably and perhaps get a little shopping done while you’re at it. There aren’t too many men’s bikes in the Dutch style, but this is probably the ultimate example of one. I don’t think any list would be complete without this bike making its way onto it. It’s probably not the one that would ultimately make the top of my own short list, but I’ve got a friend who would just love this machine.

All Kinds of Storage

There are plenty of bikes with rear storage racks and they’re quite handy, but there aren’t too many that boast a rear and a front storage rack – that’s one area where this Hollandia model is in a class all by itself. A rear bike rack is great for picking up a couple things at the store, or taking a couple of things with you for a picnic, but that front rack actually gives you the opportunity to do some serious shopping with this bike. It’s probably best to start out with some light items though, as traveling with that extra weight will likely take a little getting used to.

Keep Yourself Clean

This Dutch cruiser is so well-equipped to help keep your clothes clean that you could literally wear a suit while riding it. It has both front and rear fenders which will deflect a lot of the mud and dirt which splashes up from the road, but that’s not the only thing it has to protect your clothing. The chain on this bike is completely enclosed by a chain guard – you don’t have to worry about some chain grease accidentally marking up your brand-new pants. It’s a very unique feature which I don’t think I’ve seen on more than one or two adult bikes in my lifetime. >> Full Review

Best Reversible Three-Wheeled Cruiser

Mobo Shift

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We’ve already looked at one three-wheeled bike produced by the niche bike manufacturer Mobo, but the Triton’s not the only one they have on the market. If you want to take it to another level altogether then you might want to give the Mobo Shift Reversible Three-Wheeled Cruiser some serious consideration. They advertise this bike as a unique, first of its kind model that’s able to shift into reverse. Once again Mobo’s looking to reinvent the way we ride our bicycles. It’s always fun to try a new challenge.

Ergonomic Comfort

In my basement I have a recumbent exercise bike which gets a fair bit of use in the winter, but as soon as spring rolls around I head on outside and start pedaling on two wheels again. I love riding my bike in the great outdoors, but it can be hard on the back sometimes. This bike features the same type of comfortable ergonomic reclining seat that I’m used to riding in the winter on my indoor exercise bike. I never thought it was possible, but apparently you can have that same kind of comfort on an outdoor bike.

Freewheeling It

As is the case with its less expensive cousin we already looked at above, this bike uses a unique, dual joystick-style steering system. Each of the rear wheels is controlled individually by a different joystick, which means you can make subtle adjustments to control your movements. With this bike you can literally turn on a dime – it may take some getting used to being that low to the ground, but there are certainly some great benefits to owning a bike like this. >> Full Review

Best Adult Trike

Meridian Trike by Schwinn

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We’ve already looked at a couple of three-wheeled bicycles on this page, but both of those were low-profiled bikes designed for a little bit of fun riding around the block. They’re not what I would personally consider for a long bike ride. If you love the idea of three-wheeled riding for extra safety and comfort, but you’d like a bike that you can use on those longer bike rides, then the Meridian Adult Trike is the perfect compromise. This bike has a more traditional design – it just happens to have three wheels at the back instead of two.

The Perfect Shopping Companion

Even bikes that come equipped with rear and front racks are still a little awkward and cumbersome to be used on real shopping excursions, but this Meridian model is much better suited for a planned trip to the grocery store. It has a huge rear storage basket that’s more than capable of handling a few grocery bags. If you prefer to get a little exercise when you head out to the stores, but you still want to be able to have the convenience of your car’s trunk, this bike is a great solution.

Protect Your Purchases

One of the biggest advantages you have when you do your grocery shopping with your car (apart from the fact that you get there a lot quicker) is that your groceries are well-protected when stored in your trunk. There’s no escaping the fact that any groceries stored in this bike’s rear basket will be exposed to the elements, but you do have some protection from the elements with fenders on all of the wheels, as well as a protective covering on the chain. These won’t protect you if it rains, but they’ll do a nice job of protecting your purchased items from the road below, in most cases.

Best Men’s Beach Cruiser

Firmstrong Bruiser

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Since we’ve already looked at a couple of great beach cruisers for ladies I thought it was only appropriate that we looked at one for men as well. The Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser is a great choice if you want to join your wife on a nice ride along the beach. This is a simple one-speed model, but it’s well-designed for a great ride on the beach. I love its overall color scheme and design features – they’re really quite masculine. I’ve never really pictured myself on a beach cruiser, but I don’t think I’d have a problem riding around on this model.

Classic Look

What I really loved about this bike was that it has all of the features that you’d instinctively recognize as being appropriate for a beach cruiser, but it still looks like a bike that a man would like to ride. It has those great practical, long handlebars that all beach cruisers have, and they don’t look out of place on this bike at all. To add to the overall masculine look and feel of this bike they’ve left off the front and rear fenders; while that might lead to a little bit of sand kicked up on your clothing I think it really makes the bike look sharp.

Perfect Wheels for the Beach

The wheels on this bike are perfect for a beach ride – they’re not too large, but they’re certainly large enough to hit a nice cruising speed. Their diameter is 26 inches and that’s really perfect for a beach cruiser. You don’t need 29-inch mountain bike tires for a leisurely cruise along the beach. You can still hit a decent speed with 26-inch rims.

Best Women’s Sports Comfort Bike

Diamondback Serene Citi Classic Sport

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Whenever I come across a nice women’s comfort bike I always pay close attention, as my wife has been sitting on the fence for quite some time about what she’d like for her next bike. There are all kinds of choices out there, but for her it’s definitely got to be a bike that doesn’t cut short on the comfort factor. The Diamondback Women’s Serene Citi Classic Sport looks like a potential winner. This bike is designed with comfort in mind, but it also seems like it’s capable of hitting some decent speeds. Any bike that combines comfort with speed is okay in my books.

Framed for Comfort

Probably most people would intuitively recognize that a frame is an essential part of any bike, but when we think about the bike frame, most of the time what we’re thinking about is the strength of its construction and not how comfortable it can make the bike. This Diamondback comfort bike has a strong and durable frame to be sure, but what really stands out about the frame on this model is that it’s designed for extreme comfort. The middle bar drops down almost to the ground, making it easy to climb on and off and suitable for all level of riders.

Extra Comfort Features

It isn’t just the frame that contributes to the comfort of this bike – it also has a nicely padded Avenir saddle that’s built with nothing but comfort in mind. This seat has springs underneath the rear of the seat, but it also has a shock-absorbing mechanism built right onto the seat post. You probably won’t find any seat that’s going to cushion you from every blow on the road, but this one probably comes as close as reasonably possible. If comfort’s one of your main concerns while you’re out riding your bike for a little bit of exercise and fun, then this bike has to make the list.

Cruising in the Summertime

I really enjoyed reviewing the bikes on this page. Summer is definitely my favorite season and these bikes have me in the mood to head on outdoors. The three-wheeled bikes on this page certainly look like a lot of fun, but the ones that really caught my attention, surprisingly, were the beach cruisers. It’s not really a category of bike I’ve ever given much thought to, but they seem like a lot of fun, and who doesn’t like a nice ride on the beach? There are certainly a lot of great choices on this page.

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