Bicycle Buying Guide – the Basics

If you’re like me, it’s hard to even imagine what life would be like if you weren’t riding your bicycle at every opportunity. It’s an inspiring experience riding your bike on a beautiful trail and watching the scenery whiz by while listening to the sounds of nature all around you. The great thing about riding a bike is that anyone can do it – it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been riding for years, if it’s your first time on a bike, or you just ride on occasion for the simple pleasure of it. It’s a great form of exercise and a great family bonding experience.

What does matter when purchasing a bicycle is the type of use you’re going to get out of it. While I encourage everyone to get out and buy a bicycle, I would never suggest that everyone should run out and buy a bicycle for $2500. If you only ride your bike to get some exercise with the kids every other Sunday there’s very little point in spending that kind of money on a bike. In this buying guide we look at many different aspects that you should consider when buying a bicycle – from components to safety. I encourage you to read any of the information articles that might be of interest to you and I hope you find them helpful.

Choosing the Right Mountain Bike

If you love to head off-road and hit the trails you’re probably best to go with a mountain bike, but even in the category of mountain bikes there are differences. Some mountain bikes feature full suspension with both front and rear suspension forks, and others opt for a hardtail construction with only a suspension fork on the front wheel. Both types of bikes have their uses and it really depends on the type of trails you ride on. If you need help deciding which bike is for you, click on this link to find out more about the different types of bikes.

Rear Suspension
Front Suspension

Choosing the Right Hybrid Bike

If you do a lot of road riding, but you also do the occasional off-roading on trails as well, you may want to consider a hybrid bike. These bikes combine some of the best features of both mountain bikes and road bikes. In general, you’ll find they have thinner wheels than mountain bikes, but still feature the flat handlebars so common on this type of bike. They’re normally a nice compromise between things you’ll need on the trails and things you’ll need on the road. If you click on this link you’ll find a more complete explanation of why a hybrid bike may be best for you.

Choosing the Right Folding Bike

Folding bikes are quite popular in urban environments due to their convenient nature. If you’re living in an apartment in the downtown core of a major city these types of bikes are ideal. They’re great for saving space and you can even fold them up and take them on the bus or train with you as well. Check out this article for more detailed explanation of the features and benefits of folding bikes.

Choosing the Right Road Bike

A road bike is ideal for fast-paced riding on paved roads and pathways. They generally encourage an aerodynamic riding style and feature multiple gears for shifting to accommodate changes in your terrain. There’s a great deal of variety in the road bike category and this article explains some key factors you’ll want to consider when making your purchase decision.

Choosing the Right Comfort or Cruiser Bike

As you might have guessed, comfort and cruiser bikes are designed for leisurely bike rides with the family. These types of bikes generally encourage an upright riding position and a comfortable pace while riding your bike on a Sunday afternoon. You can still get some great exercise on one of these bikes and it’s a great way to spend time with the family. If this is the type of bike you’re interested in, then click here for some advice on what you should be looking for.

Choosing the Right Kids Trike or Bike

For a parent, choosing the right tricycle or bicycle for their child is an important decision. You always want to keep their safety in mind and you’ll also want to consider the fact that they are constantly growing – so a bike that’s adjustable probably makes the most sense. Safety should also be an important consideration for parents when they’re choosing a tricycle or bike for their child. For some great tips and advice on what to look for when purchasing a tricycle or bicycle for your child click here.

Choosing the Right Brakes

There isn’t a universal brake type for every bike; in fact, there are at least three different types of brakes which are commonly found on bikes, including coaster brakes, rim brakes, and disc brakes. In this article we break things down in more detail and explain to you each different type of brake and when each is most appropriate.

Disc Brakes
Rim Brakes

Choosing the Right Gears

When you’re purchasing a bicycle you should give strong consideration to the type of gear mechanism it includes. The best bicycles include gear-shifting mechanisms that are fully integrated with the bicycle’s braking system. In general, there are three major manufacturers of these integrated systems – Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnola. Follow this link to learn about gear-shifting mechanisms in more detail.

Always Put Bicycle Safety First

No bicycle buyer’s guide would be complete without considering the importance of safety when riding a bike. When you think about bicycle safety most people think about bicycle helmets, but it’s also important to consider things such as maintaining your hydration and wearing appropriate clothing while you ride. If you click on this link you’ll find an article that takes a closer look at bicycle safety and why you should always keep it in mind before heading out on a bike ride.

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