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Your kids won’t remain toddlers forever and as they grow their needs change. They may have been perfectly happy with that tricycle or Big Wheel for the first few years of their life, but your six-year-old is going to grow bored with that first set of wheels, and when they do it’s time to start looking at a real bicycle. They might not be ready to ride on two wheels right away, but it won’t be long before the training wheels come off, and it’s best to be prepared.

It’s been many years since I removed the training wheels from my bicycle, but we only recently removed them for our six-year-old and she’s now pedaling around, extremely proud of her new independence. Parents will always have mixed emotions when a child starts to assert their independence, but it’s an inevitable part of growing up and you’ll want to make sure they have the right bike for them.

My Top 10 Picks

Watching a child pedaling around on their first real bike is bound to put a smile on your face. Choosing the right bicycle isn’t always easy though, with all the choices available these days, and that’s why it makes sense to do a little homework first. Here are my top 10 picks for bicycles for kids six-years old or older.

Best Kids BMX Starter Bike

RoyalBaby 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

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The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike comes in three different sizes and five different colors, and it’s suitable for both boys and girls. This is a great bike to help your child with the transition from four wheels to two. Kids love the BMX-style bike and this one comes equipped with a water bottle holder and water bottle as well, so that your kid can always have a drink with them as they ride. Best of all, it’s a lot of fun and well-designed for some real riding.

Safety Is Paramount

The manufacturers of RoyalBaby bikes make safety their number one priority over all other things; in keeping with this philosophy they’ve included extra-wide training wheels to ensure your child stays upright and avoids accidents. You’ll also notice that the tires are extra-wide as well, which helps to further stabilize your child’s ride. There’s a very good chance that sometime in your child’s attempt to learn how to ride they will fall, but it’s comforting to know that the manufacturers of this bike have done everything they can to help you avoid as many falls as possible.

Adjust to Size

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable about children it’s that they will outgrow things very quickly. It’s fun watching your children grow, but it can also be quite expensive as well. This bike has a fully-adjustable seat and handlebars to help you get the most out of this bike as your child grows. They will eventually outgrow it, but if you can at least get a couple of years out of that first bike, most parents will be happy with that.

Best Girl’s Coaster Bike

Dynacraft Magna Starburst

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For our little girl, color is an important consideration for anything we buy her; when I showed her some images of the Dynacraft Magna Starburst girls bike, it was the first thing she noticed. This bike has a pink seat, pink pedals, and pink handlebar grips contrasted against a purple frame and white wheels – she absolutely loved it. It is, of course, important that a bike works mechanically well, but it doesn’t matter how well it works if your child doesn’t absolutely love it.

It Has the Easy Factor

Riding a bike with two wheels can be a challenge all by itself – it really can be a big step for a child and you want to make their transition as easy as possible for them. This Starburst bike has a couple of great features that will make the transition that much easier. First of all, it comes with training wheels to allow them to take their time working up to actually riding on two wheels, which is important. It also has coaster brakes so that they can use their feet to stop and avoid having to use their hands for anything other than gripping the handle bars.

Built for Safe Riding

It doesn’t matter how old your child gets, you’ll always worry about their safety, but when they’re still young you have a lot more control over it. You can put your mind somewhat at ease when your child is riding this bike as it has a couple of very good safety features to protect them. The bike has a padded Velcro covering over the handlebars that will provide a soft contact point if your child happens to go for a fall and hits their head on the bar. It also has a chain guard covering the chain, helping to prevent clothing from getting caught up in it – a serious potential for injury.

Best Boy’s Steel-Framed BMX Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike

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The Diamondback Kid’s Mini Viper bike is a great choice if you’re looking to buy your child their first BMX bike. It features a traditional BMX-style frame which all kids love, and it has an appealing blue-and-white color scheme that’s bound to catch a child’s eye. It’s also got a durable steel frame, which is a good thing as kids tend to be rough with their things and this frame is built to withstand the inevitable punishment that a child will put it through.

Comfort First

Children love spending time riding their bikes and you can bet that when you buy your child their first two-wheeled bike they’re going to spend even more time on it than they did on their tricycle. When they’re spending that much time on their bicycle you’ll want to make sure that they’re comfortable, and the Mini Viper has a comfortable padded seat that is designed specifically so that your kids will enjoy sitting on this bike as they ride down the driveway.

Unisex Design

Who says that a BMX has to be for little boys? There’s absolutely no reason why a little girl shouldn’t be just as happy on a BMX bike, and this particular model is designed to be comfortable for both girls and boys. It has a unisex design with a bar that’s low enough to make it easy for both girls and boys to mount with ease. The blue color of the frame features a somewhat neutral tone which will appeal to both sexes as well.

Best Girl’s Cartoon-Themed Bike

Titan Flower Princess BMX Bike

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Every dad likes to think of their little girl as a princess and most little girls themselves love princesses, and that’s why the Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX is ideal for your little girl. The entire bike is covered in princess-themed stickers – everything from the seat to the pedals. It really is a cute bicycle that little girls will simply love, and it has a classic BMX style which is very practical as well. There’s no better choice for your little girl’s first BMX ride.

The Little Extras

Your little girl will love this Flower Princess BMX for a lot more than just the princess-themed decals that adorn it. This bike also has a rear doll seat so that your child can take her doll riding with her, and it has a front basket for storing important items such as extra clothes for her doll. It doesn’t hurt that it has some cool streaming tassels at the end of the handlebars either. This bike really is very busy, but that’s a good thing in this case.

A Safe Ride

While you want your little girl to have fun while she’s riding, you also want to make sure she stays safe; this bike has some key safety features to ensure she has the best protection possible. It comes with standard training wheels and you’ll even find the princess-themed decals on these as well – it may be a safety feature, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be in keeping with the fun overall theme. It also has a handlebar pad to protect your child if they do hit a pothole and hit their head on the handlebars.

Best with Hand Brakes

Monster High Girl’s Bike

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Princesses and rainbows don’t appeal to every little girl and fortunately there’s a bike for the little girl that prefers something a little different. Monster High is an extremely popular cartoon with young girls in the 6 to 9-year old range and now there’s a bike that will appeal to the Monster High fans. The Monster High girl’s bike is fully decaled with your little girl’s favorite Monster High themes, and it’s a great little ride as well. This bike even has Monster High stickers on the spokes for added effect.

Great Braking Power

It’s unusual for a child’s bike to come equipped with hand brakes, but this Monster High bike has both front and rear hand brakes. That’s a great thing as there is a school of thought out there that the coaster brakes that most children’s bikes rely on for stopping aren’t entirely safe. This bike is all about options, as it does have a traditional kid’s coaster brake if that’s what your child prefers. But with the added option of hand brakes your child can stop their bike in the way that’s most comfortable to them.

Don’t Forget the Training Wheels

This bike may have some cool features that you’ll also find on adult bikes, but it is still a kid’s bike and it’s designed to be used as a training vehicle to help them learn how to ride. It comes equipped with a set of training wheels for this purpose; these are designed to provide your child with the extra bit of balance they need while they’re learning to work towards riding on two wheels.

Best Youth Girl’s Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Tess 20 Hard Tail Mountain Bike

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There comes a time in every little girl’s life when it’s time to move on from the support of training wheels and take on a real bike. The Diamondback Youth Girls 2015 Tess 20 is the ideal choice for your young girl’s first real bicycle. This bike is designed to give them their first taste of a mountain bike. It even has a 7-speed Shimano gear shifter to help them as they begin to climb some real hills on their bike. She may still be your little girl, but eventually you have to accept that she’s going to grow up and you’ll want to make sure that she’s properly equipped for what comes next.

Don’t Worry about the Bumps

The Shimano gear shifter isn’t the only feature of this bike that wouldn’t be out of place on an adult bike. It also features a suspension fork that’s ideal for smoothing out the bumps on the road or even for a little off-roading, if your little girl’s ready to give that a try as well. It’s a scary prospect for any parent to know that their child is venturing out on pathways that are anything other than smooth asphalt, but when they do you’ll want to make sure that they have a bike that can handle what’s in front of it.

Built to Take a Pounding

Little girls these days are just as likely to get into some rough-and-tumble areas as little boys, so they need a bike that can handle the ruts as well. This entry-level youth girl’s mountain bike is ideal for some rough-and-tumble riding as it has a high tensile steel frame that’s designed to take a pounding. You might not be able to avoid the odd scratch on the paintwork, but your little girl will be able to get a lot of reliable rides out of this bike, as it can handle what she has to throw at it.

Best Youth Boy’s Freestyle Bike

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

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I remember the first time I rode a BMX bike as a child and my excitement at all the potential tricks I was going to perform with my friends. Young boys just love to show off and one of the best ways they can do that is by performing some basic tricks on their BMX bike. The X-games FS20 Freestyle bicycle is a great choice for your son’s first ride – it has the potential for performing some serious tricks. This is a freestyle bike that comes equipped with both front and rear wheel pegs for practicing those cool tricks.

The Right Brakes for the Right Bike

If your son is the type of child that believes they’re capable of performing some pretty cool tricks, you’ll want to make sure they have a reliable set of brakes as well. This X-Games bike is equipped with both front and rear hand brakes for precision stopping whenever you need it. As a parent you may be ready to allow your child a little more freedom by buying them a bike like this, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still concerned about their safety and it’s reassuring to know that a bike like this has great stopping power as well.

Steel Protection

Any little boy that likes to perform tricks on a bicycle is inevitably going to drop their bike once in a while and this bike is designed to handle the rough stuff just fine. It features a welded steel frame and forks that are built to withstand some punishment. I know as a child I was a little rough on my bike and that’s why my parents opted for a bike with a very tough and durable frame. Most parents don’t mind spending good money on a bike for their child, but they want to be sure that it will last as well.

Best Youth Boy’s with Quick Release Seat

Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

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The Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle bike is another great choice in the freestyle category for any rugged little boy. This bike only has the freestyle pegs on the front wheel so your son’s trick repertoire may be a little more limited, but they’re still likely to have a lot of fun on this bike. It’s also got a great black-and-neon-green styled theme that makes this bike easily stand out in a crowd – it’s a sharp looking machine.

Quick Release Seat

Sometimes when your child is out for a ride they may want to adjust their seat for comfort purposes or to perform a particular trick a little more easily. The Razor High Roller comes equipped with a quick release seat that features a simple adjusting clamp that doesn’t require any tools, making it perfect for adjustments on the go. It may seem like a simple feature, but it’s a nice option to have available.

Safety Isn’t an Afterthought

There are a few simple things that a manufacturer can include to make a bike safer for your child, including nice thick tires that grip the road with ease – this bike definitely has those. It also has rear and front hand brakes for a versatile stopping ability that’s essential on a bike that your son’s bound to use for a few tricks. One other item that’s essential for bike safety is a good set of forks, and this Razor bike also has a set of steel forks designed to handle some tough riding.

Best Youth Girl’s Freestyle Bicycle

Razor Girl’s Angel

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Young boys aren’t the only ones that like to do tricks on their bicycles. If you have a young girl that wants to try some trick riding herself you may want to opt for the Razor Girls Angel bike. This is an excellent Freestyle choice for your young lady that’s into more than just playing with dolls. It comes equipped with a pair of front pegs for freestyle riding, but it still maintains a feminine appearance with its pretty pink and white color scheme and its Angel motif.

Keep Them Safe

This Razor Angel freestyle bike for girls has all the same safety features that the boy’s bike comes with – it’s equipped with front and rear hand brakes for convenient stopping power and it also has a set of nice thick tires for gripping the road more easily. It also has strong steel forks which are built to maintain stability as your child rides over any terrain. Young girls can be just as rough on their bicycles as their male counterparts and it’s comforting to know this bike is built to handle some less-than-ideal treatment.

Cool Rims

Any child that wants to try freestyle riding is bound to be interested in a bike that has a bit of that cool factor. This girl’s Freestyle bike definitely has the cool factor with 20-inch rims that feature 48 spokes for a cool-looking ride. The other great thing about 20-inch rims is that your child will be able to maintain a decent speed, which means they can easily keep up with their friends on a bike ride.

Best Girl’s Classic Ride

Schwinn Mist Polo Bike

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If your little girl is a bit more of a traditionalist you may want to consider the Schwinn Girl’s Mist Polo bike. This bike looks like it would be right at home in the 1960s, sporting a classic look that’s both timeless and fun. If you’re old enough to remember a TV show from the late 80s and early 90s called “The Wonder Years”, this style of bike will probably remind you of that show – all the kids on that show were riding bikes like this. The only question you’ll have with this bike is who’ll have more fun with it, the parents or the child.

Classic Features

What gives this bike its classic look are features such as its banana-style seat that’s connected to a rear mounted seat post and its high-rise handlebars. Some things should never go out of style and the classic look of this bike is proof of this fact. It’s a fun bike for a little girl, with a heart pattern seat and some handlebar streamers that add a little individualism.

Stay Clean While You Ride

Another traditional feature that was found on bicycles in decades past was the use of fenders and chain guards – you’ll find both of these things on this bike. Children are bound to get a little dirty while they’re playing outside, but with the inclusion of fenders and a chain guard you can minimize the amount of mud and dirt that’s splashed on your child’s clothing. You have to take your small victories when you can get them.

Lots of Variety

I think the thing I enjoy the most about looking at kid’s bikes is all of the variety that’s available in this bike category. There are bikes with fun cartoon characters that the kids love, and more serious models for the older child that’s ready to give freestyling a try. No matter where your child is in their development, I hope you find these suggestions helpful while trying to find the right bike for them.

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