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Some people are spur-of-the-moment buyers, but I prefer to be a little more analytical when making an important purchase. In my opinion, a bicycle is definitely an important purchase – especially if you do a lot of riding, as I do. If you’re like me and you like to shop around and consider your options before purchasing an item such as a bicycle, then hopefully you’ll find this site beneficial. There are many different types of bicycles out there, so the approach we’ve taken is to create several pages that examine some of the best options in each bicycle category.

While the dedicated pages for each bicycle category are the central focus of this site, we’ve also put together some helpful information pages for you. As a little added bonus we’ve also included more comprehensive reviews on our top three choices in each category except the children’s categories. In these comprehensive reviews we look at the best features of our top choices, as well as bring up any criticisms that other buyers may have found with the product. The great thing about this site is that each page has all the information you need to make an informed decision on that particular type of bicycle. We encourage you to explore our site and use the information as you see fit.

What You’ll Find inside

On this site you’ll find seven different pages representing what we view as the major bicycle categories from which you can choose. Each of these pages includes mini reviews of our favorite bicycles in that category. We’ve kept these reviews short to avoid information overload, as we know most people are normally just looking for a quick breakdown to assist them with their purchase decision.

As we’ve mentioned above, we have created more in-depth reviews on our top three choices in each category. Each of the bicycles that we’ve selected for this extra treatment are also included on the main pages for each category, so you certainly don’t have to read the full reviews if you don’t want to. If you’re short for time you can get a good idea of what type of features these bicycles have simply by looking at the mini review on the main page.

The information pages are where we look at some of the major features that are important to consider when buying a bicycle, such as the brakes and gears. Bicycles do have a lot of moving parts and it’s important to know a little bit about how a bicycle works if you’re going to make a truly informed decision on your purchase. Hopefully you’ll find these sections helpful as well.

Introducing the Categories

I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a quick overview of the categories that we’ve put together so that you can get a good idea of what you’ll find on each page. If you’re looking for a mountain bike, for example, you may have no interest in reading our road bike page. That’s okay; you can use the summaries below to find the page that you’re interested in. Hopefully as you go through this site you can find the perfect bicycle for you.

Mountain Bikes

For those of us that love to hit the mountain trails there’s only one choice, and that’s a mountain bike. On this page we look at some of the best choices in the mountain bike category and examine the differences between them. Mountain bikes basically come in two different styles – full suspension and hardtail. Hardtail bikes do not have a rear suspension – they only have suspension forks on the front wheel. This type of bike is best on flatter trails, while a full suspension bike is generally a good idea if you do a lot of riding on trails with a lot of hills and bumps along the way. If a mountain bike’s definitely what you’re looking for, you’ll find some great choices on this page.

Mountain Bike Reviews

Hybrid Bikes

Many people like to mix up the type of riding they do. They do some light trail riding, but spend a lot of time riding on paved pathways as well. If this describes the type of riding you do then you may want to consider a hybrid bike. Hybrid bikes combine some of the best features of mountain bikes and road bikes as a nice compromise for people who like to ride on different surfaces. We’ve put together a list of our favorite choices in this category and you’ll find some key differences between hybrid bikes and mountain bikes. A hybrid bike tends to have a thinner wheel and is almost always built with a hardtail design. If you’ve been avoiding buying a new bike because you’re not sure what type of riding you really want to do, you may want to consider one of the bikes on this page.

Hybrid Bike Reviews

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are quite unique and are a great choice if you live in an urban environment where space is at a premium. As you might have guessed, these types of bikes can be folded up for compact storage. They’re also great if you want to bike for part of your commute in a major city and ride the bus or train for the rest of the way. There are some important things to consider when purchasing a folding bike; on this page we look at some of the best bikes in this category and what features they possess. If you’ve been thinking about buying a bike but you’ve been avoiding the purchase because of space issues, one of the bikes on this page could be ideal for you.

Folding Bike Reviews

Road Bikes

A road bike is great if you do all of your riding on roads or paved pathways and you like to push yourself to the limit. These bikes are designed for speed and they’re a great way to get your exercise. If you’ve been dismissing your desire to buy one of these bikes because you think they’re just for professional racers, don’t let that deter you. You don’t have to be a professional racer to ride one – you just have to have a desire to get out and enjoy testing your own personal capabilities. If you click here you’ll see our top choices in this category.

Road Bike Reviews

Comfort & Cruiser Bikes

For people that simply want to find a bicycle that’s comfortable and perfect for a casual weekend ride while enjoying the sunshine, a comfort or cruiser bike may be your best option. These bikes generally come with plenty of comfort features and are designed so that you’re always seated in an upright position that’s easy on your back. You’ll often find this type of bike with a storage rack and other convenience items. We’ve put together our best choices in this category and summarize them on this page.

Comfort & Cruiser Bike Reviews

Trikes & Bikes for Toddlers

Children go through different phases of development and that’s why we’ve divided our kid’s bike section into two different pages. On this first page we look at tricycles, Big Wheels, and a bicycle or two. Here you’ll find the best sets of wheels for young children under the age of five. Some important things to keep in mind when looking at tricycles or bikes for young kids is that you want to choose something that’s adjustable, because you know they’re going to continue to grow. You’ll also want something that’s safe for your child. All of the tricycles and bicycles that we review on this page are adjustable and safe for your children.

Kids Trikes & Bike Reviews

Kids Bikes

As your children continue to grow there will come a time when they’ve outgrown their tricycles and they’re ready to take that next step. On this page we look at some great choices for children that have outgrown tricycles. Many of these first bikes do come with training wheels; you can remove these when your child is ready to start riding on two wheels. The first time your child takes a ride on two wheels is a bit of a scary prospect for a parent, but it’s also a proud moment. All of the bikes on this page are designed with your child’s safety in mind and are great choices for their first bicycle.

Kids Bike Reviews

Stop Waiting and Start Riding!

Choosing the right bicycle is an important decision and that’s why it’s a good idea to take your time. There are lots of great choices on this site and I hope you find our reviews of them helpful in making your final decision. I’m a strong believer that everyone should own a quality bicycle; they’re not only a great way to get around, they’re also a fantastic form of exercise. If you’re visiting this page, chances are you agree with me. I hope you’ll like riding as much as I do, and will enjoy your new bicycle once you make that purchase decision. Happy riding!

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